I am not going to complain!

Philippians 2:14
'Do all things without complaining or arguing...'

Isn't it funny how we can step out of bed, and instantly complain before our day even begins. Or are you the one that has an amazing day indoors, but until you step outdoors, walk into your work building, prepare lunch, dinner etc you open your mouth and then the complaining begins?

I think we can all agree with the fact that we shouldn't be complaining amount many things that we tend to complain about these days.

See if any of these complaints sound familiar to you:  

If it is not about the weather, we complain about our look, if its not about our look for the day,week, month, it will be about someone chewing so loud on the train, bus or in the canteen, if its not our kids running around or constantly asking questions, its our mums or little sisters/brothers calling us to take them somewhere or pick them up.

How many of these complaints rang a bell in your world?

Life example

Yesterday I was on the bus heading home from work, a girl came on and was blasting music from her little headphones (Not the big beats headphones). I used to always think, I can't even imagine what those loud sounds are doing to her eardrums, especially if played at that level on a daily basis.
So, anyway to cut this story short, I got annoyed. Yes I admit it, I kept looking her way only hoping that she will catch unto my glances and turn it down, did she do so? NOPE. And even if she did, I didn't even realise because I was stuck in the emotion of being annoyed.
Now what was the next step I was to take, do I get out my seat or shout across the bus, 'could you turn that down pleaseeeeeee'. NOPE. After a few vents in my own mind, glances and also on Facebook, I felt God say such a simple thing: 'HUMBLE THY SELF'

Now at this point, I'm like 'But God this is very annoying, its just not right, does she not have consideration for others??? etc, etc'.

Was I right in that life story above? NOPE. Why? Because Its one thing to acknowledge the issue, but another thing to dwell upon it and let it effect you deeper than it should, as it did me.

See the thing is, no matter what level of sound came out that headphones, I realised that all I needed to do was pray, place my own music in my ears and ta-dah, I couldn't even hear her music any more. How crazy is that?
Sometimes we can be so stuck in our complaining attitude about so many things, but if we don't keep silent, especially in our minds & thoughts we miss the solution to whatever annoyance or irritation we may face. 
If I had ignored the music at first and just played my own as I did a while after I would have realised that not only was the devil trying to steal my joy and most of all peace that evening, but also see that God is still teaching and molding me to be a better person. Instead of sitting in condemnation for having the wrong type of thoughts.

I needed to get to the roots of my complaining, my annoyance, my irritations. I needed to be honest with myself and see that this is an issue that I NEED to GET OVER
There are times I can come into work and I could easily complain in the direction like this: oh its too cold out there, oh why was the train so packed, oh those people need to walk faster down the street I'm getting late. But the reality is that sometimes, its us that needs to wake up a little earlier, It is us that needs to catch a more early/empty train, its us that needs to wrap up warm so the cold doesn't really get to us.
Please don't get me wrong, there is clearly a difference between stating the obvious: - Winter =coldness, Signal failures = Train delays. But the point I am trying to make is that sometimes we take these obvious facts and turn them into a time for constant complaining.

Endurance I believe is the key. Not only will you start to learn things about yourself, you will see what you can tolerate and what you cannot. The Bible clearly tells us to 'live peaceably with ALL men' (Romans 12:18) but how can we do so, if all we do is share or spread one unnecessary complaint to another?

I am not talking about complaining about unfairness or discrimination in your work, school etc, because if so, this will then no longer be near enough the complaint I mentioned above, but an observation of being disrespected, ill treated or judged.
We can gather that the word 'complaint' means to express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something. Whilst if we break that definition down a little further 'annoyance' means to be irritated and to be 'irritated' means to show a feeling of slight anger. (Google) wow!

I believe the above definitions explains it all. Our complaints can birth anger and if we don't put a halt on it quickly this will become our day to day lifestyle.
I think we can all say we don't want to birth any root for anger. We, including myself needs to cut back on our complaining and change it around with a positive out look.
I am pleased to say that this morning I was so into my recent read: Pink Lips & Empty Hearts by Heather Lindsey, that I didn't even realise the lady sitting next to me had her music on loud enough for me to hear it, God opened my ears to hear it, & to see the victory I had won and then instantly I zoned back into reading my book & wasn't disturbed by her music which I normally would have been. YESSSSSS Lord!

Here are my top five examples:

You see there is always a solution to every seed of complaint, anger, frustration or even irritation. Just don't plant the seed of complaining and allow it to form into branches of anger/strife, disobedience, emptiness or even shame.
Lets close our mouths when we know we don't have anything good to say, lets renew our minds even if someone does push or bumps into us on the road or train. Lets ask God to teach us about our weaknesses and to lean on His strength.

But most of all, lets aim to be grateful for the things we may complain about, remembering there are others who don't even have the chance to experience, let alone have what we have or is amongst.
It is good to know that God understands us in every way possible, why not take this situation of complaining to Him and let Him help you out. If He can do it for me who is not perfect. I have no doubt that He can do it for you. 1 Peter 4:9 states: Be hospitable to one another without complaint'. So lets start from today.
God is LOVE and He LOVES you dearly.

Keep Being Beautiful...

By: Faith Dore

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  1. This sounds vaguely familiar......oh I know why because it sounds like me. Lol. I realize that I have become the proverbial angry black woman and when I came to this realization I got knocked on my butt. There is a lot of truth in the fact that if you complain everyday eventually, and without realizing it, you become angry and bitter. I refuse to live my life angry and bitter so I'm taking steps to stop it right now.

  2. Hi Beautiful.
    Thanks for your comment. I loved when you said at the end ' I refuse to live my life angry and bitter so I'm taking steps to stop it right now.' <---- This is awesome, because that is all it takes. Being willing to take step by steps unto progression of change & a new positive preservative is great.

    Keep it up, we are here as much as we can, if you need our support along the way.

    Keep Being Beautiful inside & out.


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