It is fair to say that being bold is not always easy to be. To be able to step out of your comfort zone into an uncomfortable position can become very challenging especially alone. But at the same time, sometimes that bold step just needs to be done.
Fear tends to be the go to option whenever you are trying to accomplish something beyond your strength or capability. But this shouldn't be an option in your life at all.

Being bold is declaring you are A Beautiful Original Lady Destined for greatness. It means to have the courage to get back up again no matter how many times you may have fallen, failed, slipped or even just plain old made mistakes which you may find hard to forgive yourself about.

Being bold is facing up to those fears and stating: 'I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.' (Philippines 4:13)

Just be real with yourself. Only you know truly what you can handle and you also know what you cannot. At this point that's when you should feel the need to call out to God and say 'Lord please take the wheel as I can't handle this, neither face this situation alone.' After all, He did promise to 'never leave no forsake us.' (Joshua 1:5b)

We can get so caught up with running away from the challenges that arises in our mist that we don't get to see ourselves grow. 
What do I mean? 
Put it this way: We can think we are moving forward because we choose not to think nor dwell on the things that somewhat easily get to us and tends to turn our strengths into weaknesses. 
However I strongly believe there are some challenges that need to be faced. To not defeat you, but for you to defeat it. For you to come out at the end of the challenge or difficult situation of your life with the greatest victory ever with the mindset of never giving up. In my books, thats a big high five to what I call growing up.
I love how Heather Lindsay puts it by referring to this in action as 'putting on your big girls pants', showing you can stand strong even in your weaknesses. 
Even writing this makes me feel empowered, because I too need to be bold, I too need to stand firm, I too need to keep holding my head up high. 
This is just to show, no-one always has it all together no matter what they tell you or what they allow you to see. We grow individually and collectively. We shouldn't settle for less, but we should strive and cling unto Gods BEST!

There are people who would like to see you fall, people who intentionally drill at your appearance, your characteristics and personality to only make you feel less worthy or precious than you thought of yourself in the first place. But people like that, you need to stay away from. In the mist of all that negativity you need to stand strong, be Bold and walk on by.
Staying to entertain all that type of negative output from others who don't even value themselves can easily turn you into a self hater, make you feel condemn and turn you to become your own worst enemy. Why would you want that?
Learn to stand up. Fight against it, your inner & outward beauty is so much worth it.

There are moments to speak and moments to remain quite. This is not a rebellious blog, so please don't interpreter this wrongly.
What I am trying to get at is this: Know your self, love yourself and be bold about yourself.

There will be many opportunities for you to act weak, throw in the towel and say you have had enough. But trust me, that will not lead you to peace of mind, neither the victory dance.
Asking God is one thing, trusting Him to move in your life and change things for good is another thing, but believing that better & bold days are yet to come is the ultimate thing.

Many times we will be called to be bold, in our jobs, on transportations, in interviews, with family, relationships, against abusers, bullies and so forth. Which ever one speaks to you, please remember that you are not alone.
Seek Godly wisdom, speak up when need to and let your voice be heard. Make that positive change in your life that others who don't even know you can admire. But most of all Don't Give Up in trying.

I saw this photo and it spoke so much volume to me, I hope it can do the same for you.

God is Love and He loves you ever so DEARLY!

Keep Being beautiful.

By: Faith Dore

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