I Accept Me!

Life can be tough. As people, we get knocked back and forth by circumstances, some of which are within our control and others that are beyond our control.

We make decisions, good and bad, impacting every part of our world. These decisions make way for prosperous fruit or a decaying life.

Influence is such a powerful tool in society. A person who has it gripped firmly in their hands can become a positive icon or a destructive weapon.

In our IT savvy, external ‘want now’ generation, the meaning of identity has become blurred. Our understanding of ‘self’ has become personally absorbing and dependent upon temporary things.

Culture and traditions, lifestyle gadgets including music and technology, religion, politics, the media; are just a few warranted soldiers of influence. Each warring against us to give us their personal brand, becoming deceived by the alternate delusion they present to us.

Flicking through magazines of some edited images that are supposed to be the ‘real deal’, reviewing female history, either passively submitting to its printed ideologies or actively revolutionising feminist power points are some but few of the things we are drawn too as well as possibly obsessing over reality TV which has locked up some of us into believing it is is our true life. Where and when does it all end?

In all of this I believe that the one thing we seem to be becoming unsure of each day is ourselves. Who are we as women, and more importantly who are we as individuals.
“If I won't be myself, who will?” 

Alfred Hitchcock

When part of us becomes just the slightest bit unsure of whom we are, we begin to fade, forgetting that we were created to become more than who we are. 

Would you say that you are one of those that for part of your life you began to fit into society or within a particular group? Do you milk down your personalities or hide your true hearts? External beauty becomes more important. Most importantly, you begin to die inside. 

At this point as you read this, you can be honest with yourself because in doing so you are allowing yourself to be free of holding or hiding behind another identity or ‘mask’ that is not you. 

Women of all ages face this identity crisis, even I have. Some have won the war; pioneering, whilst others have died during the battle. This is why I love the above quote from English film director and producer Alfred Hitchcock. If we refuse to be ourselves, then who will be and what will become of ourselves? 

We have been raised to believe that it is sometimes better to be someone or something other than ourselves, in order to be accepted in life. 

We have also somewhat been educated into being taught how to be conducive to our environment, absorbing it rather than changing it if need be. 

So at what point do we really, honestly say, “I want to be me?” and when do we decide that we are good enough? 

Psalm 139:14- “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.” (NKJ version) 

When does the words of Psalm 139:14 become alive within us? 

No matter your age, culture, nationality or tribe; you are GREAT as YOU. I love how as being part of Beautiful Faces Ministries (BFM), one of our slogans is: Identity, Embrace, Uphold your True Beauty’ in doing so, you are to know that you are BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. 

A long time ago a friend said to me that the word ‘beautiful’ means ‘be you to the full.’ Unless you learn to accept yourself, warts and all, you will never become who you truly are. 

I encourage you to accept yourself. 

If this is a new decision for you to make at this time or place of your life, don’t be afraid of doing so. It may be hard but it will be worth it. There can only be one you, and that ‘you’ is the one the world needs.


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Image 2: https://pixabay.com/en/woman-girl-freedom-happy-sun-591576/ (User: jill111)


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