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Writer’s are capable of writing anything, whether they know a topic or not. With a little research, a good draft and continual re-drafts, what they could potentially produce can be quite wonderful. For me, in order to write about something I must first connect with it. There must be a resignation and resolve with it in my heart and mind. 

Pondering this, this is very much the same for hope. No matter how much we define hope in terms of a theoretical definition (expectations towards someone/thing, desire, believe, trust – Dictionary.com), it must move from being a simple black and white word on paper, to becoming an absolute assurance in our thoughts and hearts, in order to become a physical manifestation in our lives. We must connect with hope on different levels, internally and externally.

Beautiful Faces (BFM) has seen in the whole of 2016 with this theme of hope. We have had sessions that have included definitions, discussions and shared experiences about hope in different areas: relationships, vision, careers/ jobs, etc. It has been broken down in all areas of our lives because hope or lack of, affects everything. An important distinction to keep in mind is that what hope is to us as a collective, may and can vary to what hope is for us as individuals. 

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, I want to leave you with a few questions to think about:

1. What is hope to me? 

2. What is my hope? 

3. What is my hope in? 

4. Am I lacking hope somewhere in my life? 

5. What can I do to cause my hope to arise? 

These questions are not to be answered on a flip chart or held in an Internet poll for the world to see, they’re rhetorical. They are for you, to sit with yourself, and answer ­ – honestly. They are not trick questions but simple designed to help you define, evaluate, and re-evaluate/ re-order your hope in your life. 

Hope is connected to our faith (to have confidence in/ trust in someone/ thing, religious belief in God, belief not based on proof – Dictionary.com). The meanings interchange. If we have no trust or desire towards anything; no expectation (something to look forward to – Dictionary.com), then we can become stagnant, as there is nothing propelling or driving us to move forward. 

Before the year is out, sit with these questions. Just like a writer has the potential to produce a great text whether they know a topic or not, you have the potential to turn your hope around. You have the chance to create something quite beautiful, just like a writer. 

Our hope and faith must go beyond ourselves. We will trip, fail and fall: we’re human. We mustn’t let men (universal context) become our god. We must look to find the source of our hope in the midst of times of hope and hopelessness, and then evaluate whether it should be there or not, and then change if need be. 

We all reach times in our lives when we need to readjust or change things, its life. This is the same for our hope. In these times, especially in the world today, it is so easy to lose or misplace hope, or should I say heart. Giving up seems to be an option, when in reality we have the strength to carry on. 

No matter whether now you are high in hope or dulling a little, take these five questions and work them out in your life. Let truth be something you look towards and continually accept in 2017, and like the writer’s who can produce quite a wonderful thing… so can you too.

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from the BFM Team.

By: Stacey Spencer - BFM Writer

(Edited by Faith Dore)

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