The question of worth By: Rachel Obozua

You may be familiar with L’Oréal’s slogan ‘because you’re worth it’; but how many of us know our worth? When we think of things of worth, we may think of expensive cars, jewellery clothes, the renowned name brands and all things worth a lot of money;  Either because they are hard to find, one of a kind, special edition, handmade, carefully crafted, made with the finest, high quality materials or built to last. However, on the other hand, you’ve perhaps spent money on something and thought…well that wasn’t worth it. Perhaps because it didn’t last as long as you thought it would, or it didn’t live up to your expectations.

I tend to love watching Bargain Hunt, Suddenly Rich and other shows where antique items are sold at a low cost and discovered to have such a high value after taken a look with a closer view. Funny enough I too is a fan of finding vintage treasures! These examples tend to happen when someone fails to see any worth in an item perhaps because it is rusty, old or even overlooked and so things such as materlistic things are sold at a lower cost, the buyer on the other hand searches deep to discover its true worth and buys it making a lot of money sometimes hundreds of thousands as I’ve seen on these shows. The sad thing is this, just like watching that TV show, God is watching so many of us place such a low value on ourselves without realising our true worth and seeing that many of us rather mask someone else than to discover their worth.

The cos+
Things that are of worth are very valuable, but until you allow yourself to see it, you will never believe that you are apart of what is so priceless. Did you know that you are worth so much more than you and anybody else thinks about you? Do you know that you are SO precious in the eyes of God, despite the questions you may have in your mind as maybe (Who am I to be loved by God)
You may hear of so many people who sell themselves for fame and money. This is because they don’t know the process, the cost and price, it took God to create us and purchase us back to Himself. The bible tells of us how we are fearfully and wonderfully made Psalms 139: 14 and that we are bought with a Price 1 Corinthians 6:20. That cost was death. It cost Jesus His very own life.  we were worth the suffering, the pain, hanging on a cross, bearing all the weight of the world, the crown of thorns and the nail pierced hands and feet. It wasn’t an easy process but He did it because He loved us (John 3:16). Even in our sinful, imperfect state, Jesus looked on us with love (Romans 5:8). 

Why can’t I see it?

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You may be thinking okay, but if I’m worth it why can’t I see it? All you may see in the mirror is what you don’t want to be, who you are ashamed to show or even embarrassed of.
But have you ever thought that maybe you are only looking on the surface, to what you see on the outside in the mirror rather than who God has created you to be which lies within. Remember the saying: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder? Yet it is for you to dig deep and discover your true worth, your true beauty. Perhaps you’ve even been told you are worthless. Perhaps you’ve even believed it and even placed such a low value on yourself letting them take your purity, your worth, your name, your joy, your peace, your integrity, your time or even your true identity in Him (Jesus).

Check this out: the more you look to people to define your worth, the more you will most likely not be able to see it. Why? Because you’re looking for others to define who you are and how you are to be, even though the answer lies within you. You really do not have to wait for anyone to tell you that you’re worth it. Your worth isn’t attached to anything or anyone but who God says you are: Good, Perfect, Wonderfully made….You just have to see it for yourself and believe it.

Why can’t they see it?

On the flip side, you could be wondering, why can’t anyone else see it? Why am I constantly being put down? Why do people treat me like I’m not worth anything?  Well, think about it, you don’t find diamonds just left lying around on the ground everyday do you? Look at soil on the surface, it’s just dirt but all treasure is buried under the ground or under the sea take for example like crystals, pearls or gold. To find all these treasures, it takes one to look beneath the surface and to dig deep. Even after these treasures are extracted from the ground or sea they need to go through a refining process. A long process, but it’s worth it. Those who are genuinely trying to be your friends will take time to know and understand you.

You may not be all you want to be now or ever, but you are being refined daily, all the hurt, pain, rejection and heartbreak are all a part of you being refined to bring out your true worth but it’s all happening beneath the surface so they may not be able to see it…yet. The more some people try to hurt you, the more you must shine brighter.  You don’t go kicking a diamond around or handling it carelessly. You guard it, you treasure it and you keep it very close. This is the same with friendship of those who truly care and also with God.

No-one ever deserves to be treated in any other way than to be cherished and loved. If you are reading this and are facing an abusive relationship or friends and family that have been speaking negativity to you especially about your worth. Stop them; don’t allow their negative words to affect you anymore. Rise up and be determined to bounce back and shine away. Soon they will see that you are worth more than they can imagine. But remember it first starts with you believing it about yourself.

Jesus faced the same thing. Others didn’t see His worth. They wouldn’t have crucified (killed) Him if they knew He was truly God’s Son. They spat on, beat and crucified God’s Son. They perhaps expected The King to be born in a palace wearing a crown, but He was born in a manger.  However, the wise men and shepherds took the time to search long and wide for Him and God led them to where He was.  They didn’t just see a baby in a smelly, barn, they saw a King and gave Him their most expensive gifts.  Why? Because they could SEE his worth. On the other hand, Herod the King at the time saw His true worth but was jealous and sought to destroy Him. Your true friends are those that can see your worth and celebrate it with you, not shut you down. 


We spend a lot of time celebrating others, and spend so little time appreciating ourselves.
Question: When was the last time you spoke something positive to YOURSELF or about yourself, especially around others?
See this should be often. You we are not saying be vain and act like your better than others, we are just saying, learn to take time for yourself, work on knowing your worth more etc because lives does throw challenges at you, in forms of people’s reactions, words and so forth. But you just have to be prepared and equipped with a positive perspective.
We know, how about start of my reading some truths about yourself from the Bible: For example, 1 Peter 2:9 says that we are Royal and chosen by God. God values YOU! Or even Psalms 139: 14; ‘I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE! Like that L’Oréal lipstick, look in the mirror and apply it! say it till you believe it.’ hold your head up high…because you ARE worth it.

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Love the BFM team xxx

(Edited by Faith Dore)

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