B-U-2-DA-FULL: By Stacey Spencer

A friend once told me that the definition of the word beautiful is ‘Be You To The Full.’ I never really understood it at first. I thought it was just another silly saying or overused hashtag caught on by today’s youngsters. But oh boy was I wrong!

Once I adjusted and re-climatised my thinking to what she said, it simply meant ‘BE YOURSELF’ – warts and all. To truly accept yourself for who you are and never being anything less than yourself. It was quite a hard pill to swallow at first as it deals with the core acceptance of self; not in a vain or selfish context, but in a way that means loving yourself as a person. But let’s face it, this can be very challenging at times.

One of my most enjoyed Christian ministries is Ransomed Heart Ministries with John and Stasi Eldredge. Whilst relentlessly scrolling through Instagram the other week, I found an inspirational quote from Stasi:

“He made you you – on purpose.
You are the only you – ever.”

It read as water to my soul. I could literally feel it pouring down my throat – refreshing! A hope and encouragement hit my heart and mind immediately. This hope told me that I AM GOOD ENOUGH. The long dreaded internal question buried deep inside of me had finally been answered; the answer being YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.

There becomes no pressure or desire for me to fit in with the crowd, which I don’t have to be something I am not, and I don’t have to like or dislike what others do; in a desperate attempt to find my value or worth. The most rewarding feeling is that IT IS OK TO BE ME; again, I AM GOOD ENOUGH. God created me to be me, and it’s in this that I have a joy.

In a world that reeks of rejection, compromise and clicks that govern whether you fit into the dynamic status quo or not, we can tend to get lost in this thing we call life. As we grow up, we try out new things and share in or create experiences and memories; we encamp on this journey of identity. We are finding out who we are and often time look to people, institutions, etc; mostly things closest to us, to tell us who we are. We think that these things know better and we can at times forget the Maker; whose image we were created in (Genesis 1:26-27), and miss out on the honour that we were created to just be ourselves – warts and all.

And there you have it… the power to become yourself and who you REALLY are. This post is short and sweet. There isn’t some great revelation but there is a challenge posed to you. Take some time out for yourself this today, this week, month and year: go to your favourite location, at home in your room; whatever it may be, but make sure you won’t be interrupted. Sit with yourself and stare in the mirror (physically or just be really conscious of yourself), and take a good look at yourself.

Look at what you like; love it more, look at what you don’t like and begin to #SpeakLife. Begin to tell yourself that you are good enough; even if you have to use the above quote or keep saying it until you believe it. Search the scriptures that tell you who you are in God. Find those who will build you and build with you, who won’t tear you down. Do what you need to do in order to truly become yourself and love your imperfection because in themselves they are still beautiful.
Keep #speaking #life until it happens for you. Ezekiel 37 speaks of Ezekiel speaking to dry bones and them coming to life. I’m not saying that you will physically see changes happening to you so you like yourself better, well, then again who knows it all depends on you right? How about use this as a principle in order to speak blessing and goodness over yourself rather than the opposite, especially that which you don’t like. And I pray that God will give you His grace and mercy that will allow you to learn to love ALL OF YOU.

So again, a friend once told me that the definition of the word beautiful is ‘Be You To The Full.’ I dare you to step out in faith and learn that being you is all that is needed in this thing we call life.


By: Stacey Spencer - BFM Writer

(Edited by Faith Dore)

Image(1) from: http://www.cicadacreative.com/portfolio-view/be-you-international/
Image(2) from:https://winterlyrics.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/be-you-find-you-be-happy-with-that/

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