Unknown Waters

The ‘unknown’ by its very nature is not something that’s within the range of an individual’s knowledge. It is actually an unfamiliar, strange place; it can often be uncomfortable. Liken it to something that is NEW or can be NEW to us.

How often do we find ourselves in the place of the unknown? Situations and circumstances that are new to us or require us to respond in a different way than that of which we usually would, in order to get a more effective result. We have all had our fair share of being in the ‘unknown.’

When something is new or unexplored, it can be quite scary. Sometimes we don’t always respond well to something new… to CHANGE. We react rather than respond. Sometimes emotions exceed their limit and things happen, even at times, our decisions might not always be the best. However, we must be able to MANOEUVRE in the unknown.

Think about water. When we are in waters that we are familiar with; where we can touch the floor with our feet, maintain it at a level on our bodies where we can still control it or see where we are going in it, then we are happy and comfortable. All is well.

However, what happens when we are in unknown waters? When it’s unfamiliar. What happens when we can’t see the bottom of the floor? What if we can’t maintain the water at a level we can control- what happens then? Do we react bad or respond well?

If we know how to swim or at least tread water, we will stay above the waters. Sometimes life can be like this with God. The more He frees and transforms us, the more unknown things can become to us because we are a new creature in Him (2Corinthians 5:17). We don’t act how we used to, we change and respond differently. God navigates in the unknown.

Think about situations which are ‘unknown’ or feel ‘unknown’ to you. Think about whether you reacted or responded to it. What were the outcomes of your decisions? As I said in the beginning, the unknown isn’t something within the range of our knowledge. God always knows better and never stop His ‘unknown’ from becoming your nature.

Be encouraged to walk with Him. 

Written by: 
Stacey Spencer
(FIS Writer) 

Edited By:
Faith Dore
(FIS Founder)

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