"Merry Christmas from BFM to You"

We at Beautiful Faces Ministries would like to wish you all and your families the best for this special Christmas season.

Many of you may be rushing around getting the first or putting the final touches on each Christmas presents for loved ones. But in the mist of the chaos, let's not forget what the true meaning of Christmas is all about.....

Isaiah 9:6 best explains it 'For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given...' Jesus is the reason for this season. Coming into this world with nothing physically, but entering in with great things spiritually....what are these things?
Peace to all men kind
And joy.
Lets take a quick look at each blessings we are given through Christ Jesus: 
Learning how to show love to one another is one of the best things you can do.  Since Christmas is a time of giving, even if you don't have enough money to buy a big present, send a card, if you can't do that, then say it in words. Love can be express in many ways and it doesn't have to be how everyone else does it. You are an individual person, do what you fill you can do in LOVE.
Hope is always available to feel and to desire, as long as you are willing to receive it. Lack of hope can close dreams and opportunities, but new found hope, allows dreams to be formed & grow. Jesus came to bring new hope into this world, so that you may have life to the fullest, so please don't give up on it.
God's grace is oh sufficient for you if you only just let your heart receive it too. For this season, learn to let go of doubt, guilt or that fear that keeps pounding you deeper into the ground & just let God show you his loving and grace to forgive you and let you start all over again.
 Peace to all man kind: We constantly hear of wars, fights, worry and despair and unfortunately to say,  it seems to has almost shaped our world to begin to think more negatively than positively. We actually forget that this is not what life is about.  Yes the reality of it all is, things do happen, especially something that we have no control over, but we need to take other approach in comforting it and not give in to worry or anxiety. I pray 'that the God of hope fill you with all joy & peace' ' ...and may the peace that surpasses all understanding rest upon you all', now and always. 
Christmas has always been a time for us all to unite together whether you have family or not. You can never be alone, & if you do feel alone, I would love to encourage you to take the time out to spend Christmas with others, don't seclude yourself from others who want to show you love. There are churches around who will be willing to welcome you all, especially for Christmas dinner like my church HTB: http://www.htb.org.uk/whats-on/events/christmas-day-lunch <----- Check it out!

Let's stand together, help and care for each other at this Christmas time & beyond.
Last but not least:

'JOY to the world the Lord has come.' Oh what great joy this season brings to my heart. I pray you all may feel the precious Joy of this season as I do, to be able to laugh lots, smile even more & embrace all the greatness of this seasons. It's such great joy to hear carols being sung, to see the classic Christmas adverts and to see everyone smiling. 

To me that's what Christmas is all about...What great delight the Lord brings to all.

Keep being Beautiful.

From the BFM Team,


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