"Beauty Springs Forth in Each of US"

Learning about your true beauty and then knowing it whilst embracing it doesn't mean you need to be stuck up or put other women down that doesn't know yet.

Remember a lady which carry's herself with her head lifted up high, walks with integrity and great standards. She is looked on from afar as a positive role model, as a lady that may have been through crazy struggles but has now become strong and aims only to continue to defeat them all one by one.

She may have her mountains to climb, but she knows she is NOT alone and one day she will reach the top, no matter how long it may take. This I call Beautiful.

A Lady who can smile and know that even in the mist of the trails, she knows everything will be OK and she will live to share the good news of overcoming the storms. This I call Beautifully strong.

A lady who knows what she has been through, and instead of holding all the accomplishments and battles won to herself, decides to share it to others and uplift others to know they can pull through their trails too. This I call Beautiful.

And even if you say you are not there yet, the fact that you are on your journey, trying and not giving up, learning about your worth and who you truly are, doesn't make you any less beautiful than what I have described above.

We are look to each other for inspiration and encouragement, not to beat ourselves up and put ourselves down life we don't exists. Please remember you where created. Yes you. Meaning you have a purpose as a matter of fact, a 'God Given Purpose', and even if you don't know what that is right now. Look into the passions of your heart. Look into the mirror and tell yourself  I am a True Treasure and soon you will see it.

Before you know it, Beauty needs not be searched or imitated any more, Beauty then springs forth and her identity is found, She is called YOU!

Keep Being Beautiful

By: Faith Dore

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