"Right Here and Right Now"

Following the amazing talks I listened to by Christine Caine over the weekend on her recent visit to Hillsong London. I have been inspired to continue this expression of gratitude and revelation through my blog today.

For many parts of my early adulthood life I was living in the 'There'. I always thought at least if I got that dream job, dream husband, dream relationships/friendships, career path, money breakthrough, then that's when I can really appreciate life and begin to finally live.
But as I sat in the Sisterhood evening conference on the 7th June 2013  in Indigo O2, London. I realised I got it all wrong. The reality of it all was that, Fact! it is good to wish and want the great things in life. After all God does want us to live to the fullest right? Since He did give us life. But the main point is, my focus was on the wrong things.

I used to always read the Bible Verse: Seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and everything else shall be added unto you (Matthew 6 :33). And for the longest time I thought I really deep down understood this verse. But I was wrong.

See the thing is this: I believe that seeking first God's kingdom is really saying 'Father as much as I love to have the great things in life, and only wish that things will work out for my good as you promised, but from my heart, how can I be useful in your kingdom? What talents have you placed in me  to use, so that I can be a blessing onto others?'.

So as I sat listening to Christine Caine I realised she was and is just like all of us ladies who always wanted great things, but knew the main GREATEST thing is to be at Jesus feet to learn, understand and go out and reach others. 
Has it seemed easy, has everything always worked out nicely and simple for her? In my opinion NO. But she kept pressing on.  And what she realised is that, amongst being faithful to God she was BLESSED with a great husband, two lovely children, friends that are precious to her, mentors that are inspiring and uplifting but most of all a challenging journey that not only tests her faith, but allows her to walk closely with the Lord daily.

So I guess my question to you all today is this: Where are you living? Are you living your life day by day being radical for Christ to make a positive difference in the world no matter how inconvenient you might be? Or, are you just living life for your self and always focusing on the future rather than your present?

For me, I admit as mentioned above, I used to focus too much on my future, that I never really saw or understood the present life I was living. And believe me when I say I really thought I was in the right mind set at the time, but knew something was missing.

But as Friday 7th June 2013 appeared  I was embraced with a big wake up call. It took all the marriage pressures away that I was facing from my parents and the world. It took the heavy weight off from thinking and feeling forgotten by God just because I thought things wasn't working out. It opened my eyes to see that life will get better if only I was to keep focusing on Christ, pressing on, helping others and hoping ALWAYS for the best.

Don't ever get me wrong, just as I said before it is always great to dream, it is always great to have future goals and plans. But right now, here this minute, second of the day, think and dwell on that. Leave all the bagged of yesterday in yesterday and walk forward into today. If you need to turn back it should only be to let go of what you knew was weighing you down and you now know deep down you don't need to hold unto those things, person or situation any more.

We all can and cannot handle everything everyone else can handle. But God knows how much we can. Don't doubt your ability to press on and becoming great. Shut your mouth if you don't have anything positive to say about your life and others. Only open your mouth again when you can begin to say positive things and align what you say with God's promises.
'A doubt is dead if its not birth' - Christine Caine
So I dream for today. I hope for tomorrow, and I walk in the now. Confident that God will see me through and guide me to see the world as He sees it, serve where I can, even give me the strength to endure throughout it all.  I hope you can too.

Keep Being Beautiful

By: Faith Dore

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  1. Yes the true an understanding of our position in our God's Life we keep us free. I love this post, it touch me personally.

    1. Glad this blog was a blessing to you Henry. Keep focusing on Christ and I know you will be all right. Blessings.

  2. WOW, so the word I needed for today! Just encouraging to know that God can use anyone to speak into your life! Thank you for dedication to God and allowing Him to use you to reach many. You are an inspiration friend! :)

  3. Thanks for your kind words dear friend and thanks most of all for taking time to read this blog. Blessings :)


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