Think Life to Speak Life

Most days are pretty mundane. You wake up, get ready, go to work/school/college/uni (etched), return home, and go to bed. Throw in your tender mix of socialising, outings, and various other activities, and we pretty much have the typical ‘human’ life. 

However boring - apologies; mundane, human existence can be, we still have to think about how we speak. We always have to be conscious of the talking head between our lips. Can I pose this to you? For us to watch our lips, we also have to check our thoughts? What’s your mind saying? Unfortunately- or maybe thankfully, depending on you as a person, we have to think, filter and retain our thoughts. Our daily thought life is important. 

If you are anything like me, thought life is the last thing you really want to think about. Standing as a judge, granting freedom or declaring prison sentences to your thoughts. It’s not always great, especially if you picture it like this, but our thoughts must be looked into. Half of the thoughts running around inside my mind are insane, however, they must be filtered through.

If we are honest (silent hands waving in the air), how much consideration do we really give to our thoughts? Yes this blog post is about speaking- particularly speaking life (#); BUT, in order to control the tongue we must first control the mind.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7). 

It’s a pretty basic principle, whether or not you follow Christianity or Biblical instruction, the principle is the same. It’s like the saying ‘you are what you eat.’ What we say is pretty much connected to what we think. So if you want to speak life with your mouth, you must first be speaking life in your mind. Here’s the added twist; per say. Not only do we need to check our thoughts, but we also need to check our hearts. What is the heart saying? Those times the heart is saying one thing and the mind is saying another; yes, those ones. We need to look into these and make sure they are correctly aligned. 

Let’s go back to our very mundane human existence. We want the best out of life right? But let’s face it, life is a battle and we have to keep riding its waves in order to keep going. But as we are going through situations and circumstances, our speech very much changes… or is it our minds (our thoughts) and hearts that have changed? Hmmmm… let us pause…

I’ll give you a personal- very personal, example from my own life. I am studying creative writing at university. The teachings are great, the work is challenging but stretching, and being around writer’s from different calibre’s is fantastic, but for some reason I CAN’T SEEM TO WRITE! This makes no sense right? How can you be doing all the right things yet producing the wrong results? Simple… am I producing the right thoughts? What is it that I really believe in my heart and mind?

Approaching writing tasks and assignments, I have two simple thoughts, of which I verbally express: 

1. I can’t be bothered.
2. I can’t do this.

Let me play stupid for a moment. Isn’t it interesting that I have these two thoughts daily about anything I write, not only university-related work, and I don’t seem to be writing much. *ALARM BELLS RINGING* Not only are they thoughts but they are also what I have begun speaking.

At some point, whether we like it or not, we will begin to SPEAK what we are thinking. What we are thinking about ourselves, others, work/ jobs, church or other religious establishments, politics, culture and race, history, etc… out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). 

Humans by nature are creators. God, in my given example is a creator and created us in his image (Genesis 1:26-27) Therefore, we too are creators. Just take a look throughout history, this is evident in itself. Therefore, what makes you think that you don’t create life with the words that come from your mouth, from your thought life and heart? We choose daily whether we think life or death… whether we speak life or death. Which one are you choosing?
Do you get it yet? I think I’m learning… well I hope I am. What I’m thinking, I’m speaking… are you doing the same in any area of your life? Are you speaking life or are you speaking death? Are you thinking life or are you thinking death? Interesting isn’t it?

We need to master our thought life in order to master our word life. In order to speak life rather than speak death, we need to address and re-address what we think in our mind and believe in our hearts. The problem with mundane humanity is that it becomes repetitive, and we become accustomed to pressing auto-pilot. Auto-pilot does not think or require any thought or heart about what it has become programmed to do. Auto-pilot is our default option as humans. We just function. We just ‘do.’ We’re alive but we’re not really living. This is why speaking life is important… you can’t only speak life, you must be life… BE ALIVE. 

Every morning you wake up, think about what you are thinking. Hear what your heart is saying? Listen closely. You’ll be amazed at what you need to filter. You’ll be amazed at how much life you are speaking, or think you are speaking. Why not set it as a task? Think about what you are thinking about. Give it a week, and watch the results. 

A picture speaks a thousand words. What are the words of your thoughts? Paint yourself everyday with your words and see the results. Paint yourself in; and with life, internally first and then externally it’ll become manifested. You’ll be amazed at the picture you’ll build if you simply look into your thoughts and heart. Speak life in your mind and heart, and your lips will release life. 

Remember, every single thought and word counts so think before you speak and make each word count for life (good/positive) rather than for death (bad/negative).

We are only in the second month of 2017… it’s not too late to start. #SpeakLife.

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By: Stacey Spencer - BFM Writer

(Edited by Faith Dore)

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