AGAIN simply means another time, once more, returning to a previous position or condition (Oxford Dictionary). What I have been personally learning and walking through in my Christian walk so far is the FACT that God wants every area of me to be ALIVE (living, not dead – Oxford Dictionary). He invites and wants ALL OF US; inside and out, to be AWAKE (not sleeping) – John 10:10.

To be awake can take on many forms and can mean many different things; it’s individual to each of us. These could be our dreams, careers, relationships, hopes and desires for the future; etc, anything. I want to share a small testimony (story) which I hope will show you what ‘again’ can look like for a person.

For those who don’t know me, I LOVE DANCING. All my life I have danced, danced and danced. At the ages of fourteen and fifteen, I did GCSE dance at secondary school but dance changed for me. A group of girls; what we would call ‘the mean girls,’ would always knock everyone’s confidence. Their words and behaviours affected me so much throughout those two years that I never danced freely for years.
A part of me had died; I was no longer alive in dance like I had been previously. I would dance and go to classes but the joy and freedom I once had were gone. We all know what it’s like to lose something or someone close to us on any level. Not being able to freely dance caused a part of my heart to stop beating.  

To summarise Ezekiel 37:1-14, the prophet Ezekiel was in the valley of dry bones. He was asked by God whether the bones could live or not; he knew God knew. God told him to prophesy/speak to the dry bones that they may live. God would breathe His breath so they would live. When speaking (more than once to different areas) and partnering with God, life came back to the bones in all their fullness.

I desired to dance freely again and would pray about it. In October 2016 I was infused with a passion for ballet and took up ballet classes. In March 2017, I performed at my university’s dance show; I danced ballet. That was the first time I had danced freely for years. Last month I danced as part of a collaborated group in the style of street dance in a public town centre outside.

This is what an ‘again’ moment looks like – LIFE, it produces life. The fruit is good to see and taste. It took thirteen years for me to find my freedom again in dance, and it’s still not in its fullness yet but I am getting there, every little step counts and continues to be counted until I get to where I want to be (completely FREE to dance as ME). A long time when it's something you love, but the fact is that I BELIEVED THAT I WOULD DANCE AGAIN. Not only did I believe but I acted on it. You must believe and act on it too.

God has the power to bring you back to life; you and your fullness. This is just one ‘again’ moment for me, never mind the rest that I will come across because God wants me fully alive. He wants us all fully alive.

Some things can take a while to revive, sometimes it can be an appointed time and other times it can be because we ourselves are delaying it or not choosing to rise up. I bid you find you’re AGAIN moment in something that you believe couldn’t be revived, or looks; or is dead. Thirteen years of slavery I am finding freedom in my dance. If God can do it for me then He can surely do it for you. 

My name is Stacey Spencer and AGAIN, I dance to be FREE, what’s your AGAIN?


By: Stacey Spencer - BFM Writer

(Edited by Faith Dore)

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