* You are NOT Owned *

I think its about time we are hit with the reality that we are NOT and will never be owned.
I say reality because many people these days fill like they are controlled by the media, society, their husbands, wives, children, jobs, friends, family or even emotions and the list goes on.

So lets look at what the word OWN truly means: Adjective - "used with a possessive to emphasize that someone or something belongs or relates to the person mentioned" Verb - "Have (something) as one's own; possess.", "To be made a fool of, To confound or prove wrong; embarrassing someone.  Total and undeniable dominance of a person, a group of people or situation".

Normally people should only talk about owning something when it comes to materialistic things, such as owning a car, restaurant, pet (dog, cat, fish), bit of land, red bag, blue t-shirt etc because most of the time it is something they have possessed or bought as stated in the definition above.
So it is a real shame to hear about individuals in relationships where a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend states that they 'own them'. 
We can also see this type of ownership in the injustice cases of human trafficking, God never ever gave man the right to control another human being, especially into doing things against their free will. Which is totally wrong.
And if any of the above is pointing at you today, you need to STOP and make your way right with those whom you have hurt and with God!
Or if you fill like you are the one who has been spoken at with the words of 'I/We own you' then drop that title instantly, especially if you can, stand your ground and set yourself free from the strong holds over your life.

The truth is this: We all have a choice. We can either claim the ownership that others may put over us or reject it and stand our ground. 
Jesus Christ said you have been made/set FREE (John 8:36) (Genesis 5:1), He has also come to give you life and in all its fullness (John 10:10) and that does not mean being bound by a controlling relationship, a destructive house-mate or even a manipulating friend.
Knowing you are NOT owned, is being able to stand on your own two feet, getting on with life, knowing and developing your faith. Understanding daily your true worth, clinging to the real, right, clear destiny you have been created to walk in, living life with no holds to weigh you down and differently no regrets.
You  are aware that you may make mistakes, you may even slip or fall sometimes, but you know and hold on to the promises that Christ forgives those who generally seek Him and ask for forgiveness from their heart, therefore you can always start over again and get back up. You also know that His mercies are new every morning and that you have nothing to fear.
Knowing you are NOT owned, is to know how precious you are, that despite your lack or short comings, you still hold on to the ever truth that God will supply ALL your needs according to His riches in glory. (Philippines 4:19) You are Beautiful in every way.

There has and there will always be things that people may speak into our lives, for some of you, it could be hurtful things from the past or even present and it has stayed with you even up till today. This used to be me. But I had to fight back and let go of them.
In that case, Ladies, its time to do the same and let go of those hurtful words, those abusive hits, those uncontrollable feelings, lust or addictions. They do not own you, if you only decided to say 'enough is enough'. As I did, I know so can you.

So from here on out lets only use the word own/ownership when it comes to materialistic things such as some of the things mentioned above: shoes, tickets, jobs, companies etc. Lets not also fall into the category of feeling controlled or owned by society, spouses, 'random's' in relationships or even family and friends.
Remember a true relationship should never be controlling or possessive. It should be grounded on the love of Christ, that both parties feel at ease and at peace with each other. You should never feel forced or confused to be in a relationship or marriage especially if you know deep down in your heart God has not spoken to you about it, neither do you have peace within.
And as long as it may feel as if your waiting for your breakthrough in any areas of your life, always hold tightly unto the fact that in just that ONE DAY everything will begin to fall into place. So don't give up, keep developing, keep growing as a beautiful individual and keep holding on most of all.
Following Christ's lead rather than your own or others will always lead you in the right, clear, progressive path of goodness and blessings.

As I have said throughout this blog. You are not and will not ever be owned. And if we do have to see it from a spiritual bases, lets see it from ownership in God's eyes. 
As for me, I would rather be owned and bought with a precious price by my Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 6:20) who cares and loves be unconditionally, than to be owned by any individual who has their own selfish ambitions.

God is LOVE and He Loves You!

Keep Being Beautiful.

By: Faith Dore

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