"Why settle for less when you can have God's best?"

You may be a humble person to appreciate what you get even if it’s not how you hoped it to be and then just settle down knowing deep down inside, you could have got or done more.

It's about time we took greater steps of hope in believing, even if you haven't got that thing or conquered that situation as you hoped to, the next time YOU WILL.
There are great things to achieve in this world that we live in. We just need to stop settling and start claiming...

You may say, ‘well Faith I really did try all I could to keep this relationship going, I've given my all, but yet still, s/he doesn't show me know respect or love’… Uhh that means you are working too hard for someone’s affection which they don’t want to give you.

I believe if in a relationship and you feel you have tried all you can to show someone how you really feel and they are not showing you back, even when you have spoken about it to them and they don’t acknowledge it. Then clearly that person doesn't value your worth and clearly doesn't care. If you stay in this type of relationship you will not only hurt yourself but you will be wasting your time. Don’t settle.

You may also say, ‘ Well Faith my issue isn't relationships, but my job, I see so many people being promoted above me and I have worked hard, always coming in on time and trying to do my job with a great attitude.’ In this case, I believe you should re-evaluate your position. For example: What are you doing? Are you doing the same role for over 5 years and feel you are in a routine rather than learning to be inspired to be an inspiration unto others? Don’t settle for less than what the talents God has blessed you with. Start looking for jobs elsewhere, there will be employers who will value your hard work and promote you.

Steve Jobs said:

See sometimes we place such a wedge on our future or even our present because we get to comfortable and settle for the less and not the best. We can see this in all types of relationships, friendships, work places or even within our families.
Settling for less is to put a halt on what you can be, what you can achieve or what you can accomplish. It can also be from what people have told you negatively and you just  taking it at face value,  rather than standing still and firm to say: “ Wait a minute, I’m going to prove you wrong, I know I will make it’.

Story: Michael Jordan

You might have heard this one before: Michael Jordan “loved sports but failed to make his high school basketball team as a sophomore.” This was a great disappointment for him as he really wanted to make the team. But whilst in an emotional state, he still was determined to not give up and asked his coach to still ride in with the team. A year lately we come to see that he still practised and never gave up on his dreams and finally made the team. And today he stands as one of the most successful, popular, and wealthy athletes in college, Olympic, and professional sports history.
Michael Jordan could have settled for not making the team and given up on his passion for sports (especially basketball) but he didn't  He used this as a stepping stone to aim to achieve the best, and so he did. (Quotes from: http://www.notablebiographies.com/Jo-Ki/Jordan-Michael.html#b)

From Michael Jordan’s story, I only hope it encourages you to press on and not just settle for anything less than what you know you can receive.

Don’t get me wrong, not settling doesn't mean you become arrogant or stuck up. It just means you humble yourself. Appreciate any opportunity you are given or pursing, whilst making the most of it. At the same time, look forward to better days to come.

These better, greater days, relationships, friendships, family moments or just life are in reach. It's yours to receive; all you have to do is reach out, and get it. And I'm sure you’ll get your breakthrough very soon, just because you where determined to not settle for less.

Keep being beautiful

Faith Dore

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