"I'll Trust You!"

I Trust You. Such powerful words to exchange, to let someone know that no matter what happens, what is said, what is done, you trust them.

How many times has these powerful words been abused, taken for granted or felt like they have been trampled on? I've had my share of people breaking my trust a few times. I was not impressed at all. But at the end of the day I had to learn either to walk away from that person or forgive that person especially if they genuinely didn't mean to misuse my trust. Which one do you choose?
The famous saying: 'It takes years to build up trust and only seconds to destroy it.'
I've always said to actually trust someone is to believe in them, believe in your relationship with each other knowing that they will not do anything intentionally to hurt you. 
But the reality about it all, is that we are all just humans, we fail at times and we are not God!

God on the other hand never fails, as much as some may not believe this, its true. He is always faithful, even when you think He is not present or even listening.
Take a listen to this song by Donnie McClurkin called ‘I'll Trust You', allow yourself to hear each word of this song.
How do you feel now? Encouraged, let down or more understanding?

The thing is, for me, it answered a lot of questions that I had about God and how he feels and deals with us in our requests and needs. Reassuring me that despite what we face, or go through, we should be determined to not let it shake the beauty of the faithfulness of God, in the good and especially in the bad times. Remembering His timings and ways are not our own, but His own (Isaiah 55:8).

God is never out to harm or to punish us, as some may also like to think or say. He loves us very much, and you just have to be willing to see, believe and feel this.
But how much do we love and trust Him enough with all that we have? It’s one thing to say yes Lord I trust you, but another thing to say it and give everything over to Him. Even if you don't know God, you say you don't believe... but when things happen you pray, surely you trust the little prayer you prayed for that sick family member, friend or work associate?

Trusting people is not always easy, like for example: How about when you go to the hair dressers for a classic 'trim' and you come out with a whole hair cut....What is that all about? Is this not a trust violation in a different form? Or let's say when you have been previously hurt by someone you really cared about or something shared confidential has been let out? Either way, trust violation is not nice at all.

When trusting people I believe we learn from our choices and mistakes. We should be able to get to a point where we can ask ourselves: Did I really confide or trust in someone who was genuine,  Did I go to a hairdressers which I didn't know or Did I just get swayed with my emotions at the time?

We have to be wise with who we decide to exchange these three powerful words with, either in relationships, friendships, work and so forth. Giving someone your trust should never be done in fear. Allow yourself to trust others in faith, knowing that person can fail you at any time but believing they respect you enough not to hurt you on purpose. I guess the main question would be, whether you are willing, to bounce back when they do fail you or violate your trust, see where they are coming from and learn how to forgive them?

From now on lets learn how to choose our friends and relationships wisely. If someone is showing you even in a relationship they are looking and talking to other people, other than you, then surely you need not to install your precious trust in them, knowing they may cheat or go elsewhere… a wondering eye (can produce dangerous outcomes).
Or it might be a 'friend' who talks about every other friends business to you, who says they will not talk about your business to others? Be wise.

By trusting God you can never go wrong. By trusting men, be wise in choosing. But never get to a point where you become so fearful that you lose hope in trusting anyone. For in life we need to be able to trust people, genuine people.

I'd like to leave you with one of my favourite Bible verses from Proverbs 3:5-6:
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct thy paths"

Keep being Beautiful

Faith Dore

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