"Beauty Cries Out..."

After hearing some unpleasant news from my mum last night. My first reaction was Godddd, really I just don't get it. We serve you, try to walk faithful with you & this happens?

Now for those who knows a little bit about my family history, knows we had a lot shake my family from my parents health, lack of jobs, finances issues etc...But the only thing we knew how to do is cling unto God. So when you hear me mention Him a lot I express my true relationship with Him, this isn't 'religion' speaking but saved by GRACE speaking.

So I woke up this morning had one of those conversations with God, where I just talked, spoke His promises & just prayed...my house at this moment felt so gloom the dim lights didn't help...
But in the mist of this battle, in the mist of this lady almost giving up, feeling she'd had enough...I step out my front door & was welcome with a bright day , a fresh smile from Heaven as the clouds opened up....what was this? I've left my house for work before & never seen or felt this before.
To me, it felt like Gods welcoming embrace to rest in Him, I've been singing my church CHTB song from: Romans 15:13 this is what it says: "May the God of hope fill you with all joy & peace as you trust in Him, that you may overflow with hope, by the power of the Holy Spirit"

Then I said, Father, so that's why I've been singing that song in remembrance of your promise.

You see the thing is, life doesn't always seem easy, trails happen, the pressure of life seems to way you down. But the question is: What will your reaction to these circumstances be?

Will you start giving up your faith, doubt the God who has created all things, make your day miserable as you stay in a Salk? Or would you arise into another day, stating God, I know these things happen, I don't know why but you do. I believe I'm your child & I know you will take good care of me & my family.

And that's just it, believing in the mist of the storm that it will also past. But you will also be victorious through it.

Is this a vent blog, nah, it's a revelation, my beauty cry, my conversation with God, my conversation with you.

It's time to walk in peace, conqueror the storms of life & just rest!
Keep being Beautiful

Faith Dore

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