Tell me something good!

There’s a scene in the film Me Before You, I hope this isn’t a spoiler for any of you, when Lou says to Will, “tell me something good,” .
Without going into too much detail, Lou is upset and struggling to come to terms with what will become of her life due to present circumstances pertaining to Will, but Lou looks to Will for a Word.

She was looking for a WORD in her time of need (circumstances). This captivated me as it prompted me to ask that same question to God, “tell me something good.” It provoked the thought of What Word do I look to God for in circumstances?

This made me think about my relationship with God and His promises to me throughout the Bible. When I feel or see nothing good due to present circumstances what WORD from God do I stand on? Can I recall them in times of need? Do I believe and treasure them at all times?

Like Lou, when you’re going through a rough time What Word from God do you stand on? Do you even have a Word to stand on? This is really important, it may be a promise, Word of encouragement, Word of instruction, a song or Psalm, etc. How does God speak to you when you are going through something? What does God say to you that helps you through?

Will decided to sing a song to Lou that he sang to her when he was ill. The same way that the song brought hope and comfort to Will in his time of need, the same song brought hope and comfort to Lou in her hour of need. Will knew exactly what to say, he know what Word to give Lou that will bring comfort, strength and encouragement.

How about we all reflect on this and ask yourself, ‘do I know or have this in my relationship with God?’ His Word is more than a few printed pages in a book; His word is life to us. The Words He speaks to us helps us in our walk with Him and brings us through our trials. We need to hear and stand on HIS WORD daily.

I encourage you all not leaving myself out to speak and continue to speak to God. Find out what He says about you. Let Him tell you something good.

Written by: 
Stacey Spencer
(FIS Writer) 

Edited By:
Faith Dore
(FIS Founder)

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