"Ode to the Creator of Love"

Written By my cousin Ruth Obozua....

After years of dreaming, and constantly believing that one day I would be 'in' love, deep in love, real love. Not on the side walk of lust which is a fabricated image of what true love is;  filled with fleeting, never satisfied desire sugar coated sin, but in love.

I'm not in a place where I'm giving and love isn't reciprocated back, and instead emotional blackmail of the heart is given (aka abuse), but in love where to give  certainly means to receive.

Neither am I in a place where what I deem as love is love, but in reality is darkness and bondage of the soul. A web entangling myself in invisible threads of supposed romance and ties of emotional, spirit dividing chords that need divine power to break. I'm in love, a love that's freeing. A love that's redeeming, a love that's fresh, so pure and so scared.

So if I'm correct, and I say God is love (which He is) and wants me to be a partaker of His kind of loving, and He intended me to be able to give and receive love from Himself and for His love to be evident amongst humanity He created, then I stand unshakaben in my belief that He is the giver of my endless dreams of one day 'being loved'.

Not just dreams that come when I rest my sleepy head at night but God given dreams that live on through day and night, come rain or shine. It's a dream that lives on inside you that never dies but stays dormant till the 'right' knight in shining armor, true loves dreams he does ignite.

So then these dreams were made to come true, wow!

I have no reason to live oppressed and obsessed with Hollywoods depiction of romance which includes broken hearts and a cycle of break ups and makes up that always seems to start and never end. Or chick flick remedies that seem only to sooth the hearts of our lingering desire for love and romance in the movies, that makes us feel we have it, just right there.. Then the lights switch on and were left with only remnants of the sweet popcorn taste in our mouth but in our hearts we have....huh nothing. Only left to rise from our seats joining the chorus reminiscent recollections of heartfelt moments in the film trying to camouflage the rining melody in our head's singing 'back to life, back to reality'.

No, I live in an eternal reality that yes indeed dreams were made and live on inside hearts of dream believers  so that we have a continuous hope that we cling on to, so God Himself can meet our expectations always proving He is God.

But then I also realise that through the dreams I get bigger and better outcomes, which means my dreams were just a tip of the iceberg. I dance in the Spirit knowing my God thé originator of love says 'for I know the thoughts I have of you, thoughts of good and not of evil to give you an expected end'. What more can I ask for if He's got my heart? That's why I'm thanking the originator of Love for allowing me to experience 2 decades of dreaming, hoping, waiting and expecting to finally come true.

I believe in the unseen, in time it becomes my reality.

Thank you Jesus.



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