"In her shoes: If the shoes don't fit!"

Don't these shoes look awesome? Well, their not mines, they belong to my cousin Mary.
The thing is I look up to my big cousin, and as high as these heels are she glides with ease.
However with me on the other hand, it takes some time, uncomfortable feelings & sometimes pain, (hey, don't judge me, yes, I'm still learning to walk in heels).

The thing is, I wanted to be just like her and walk in all these glamour heels. And at the age of 20/21, I dated this guy who liked his ladies in heels. And yes I liked him at the time, so I wanted to please him. My next actions was going into Top Shop and buying a pair of boot heels.
I still remember them till today, they looked cute from the outside, black & sophisticated, but boy once they went on maybe half an hour, they began to hurt. You could say I was walking like a 'chicken'... Lol... Heels were just not for me at that time.

See, we as ladies look great in heels and there are certain ones that are just right for each one of us, be it 3inch, 4, 5, 6 or even 10inch.
But what we ladies try & do is wear other’s shoes that just don’t fit.

My cousin’s shoes might look great, but she knows how to manage it, because it's hers.
This is the same with our lives. We can't try to be like someone else because it is not our life to live.
Some people's life look great on the outside, but on the inside they might be hurting, struggling or even broken.

It's about time we stay in our own shoes, our own inches and gradually grow into the women we ought to be.
Wasting your dreams & hopes in wanting to imitate others can lead to total destruction.

And as I felt pain in those heels; I knew I couldn't manage. And this comes with the same pressure of pain we give ourselves, faking & struggling to be something we are not.

Ladies, walk in your own shoes, borrowing shoes (advice, insights, directions) is not a crime, but once learnt give it back as it was not originally yours to keep.

Embrace your beauty, embrace your likes & dislikes, embrace your worth & love yourself for who & what you are and not for what you are not.

A little word of advice. Don't wear heels to please no man, unless that is what you truly want to do for Yourself. At the end of the day, I lost the heels & the guy I was dating, it just wasn’t worth holding unto a relationship that I couldn’t be myself. Any regrets, yes & no cause I have greatly learnt from it all.

You Are Beautiful, just the way you are and don't forget that.

To find out how to really manage heels, take a glance at this website…. Some good insight: http://uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com/high-heel-survival-guide-050200742.html


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