Your Insides Prt1

In one of these doors, I work. As beautiful as it looks on the outside, what does the inside hold? What stories are told? What words are exchanged? And how are people really treated?

The thing is, this could be the same with our personal lives (body, mind & soul)
At times we can look all glam & glitzy on the outside, not showing any indication of flaws, but truly what are we dealing with on the inside. Could it be utter mess, pain, sadness, shame or just plain old negativity?

In Matthew 15:18 'But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.'
Therefore correct me if I'm wrong; the flip side must mean, if our hearts are right & so is our mindset, then surely our mouths will speak of greatness rather than deceit?

Pointer: As much as we strive to take care of our outside appearance, we should also take more care of our inner self.

Living, acting & behaving right is only but the start. Speaking right becomes your centre ground whilst reflecting the goodness of God in your outward speech and appearance; then becomes your finished natural beauty.

Remember, its one thing to be all glamorous on the outside, but make sure your beauty is stunning from the inside.

Keep being beautiful.


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