"Do you know that you are perfectly made?"

Originally Written on: 19/06/2012

It seems at times we give ourselves less credit than we are due. We belittle ourselves to what society says rather than acknowledging and appreciating who we truly are. After all Society didn’t originally create us, God did.
If we allow society to shape our identity, we tend to loses ourselves and become what others expect us to be.

You where made the way you are for a reason, some of us might not see it right now, or some of us are actually not looking hard enough. Ladies we allow ourselves to be blinded from our own beauty that we embrace others beauty instead of our own.

Question: What makes you think you are not beautiful, What makes you think someone else looks better than you, Who told you that are not beautiful, Is the word ‘Beautiful’ ever use towards you?

All these questions have different answers from different ladies views or life experiences. But the main answer to all the above, is that no matter, what people may say, do or even think; you should know from the bottom of your heart that you are so beautiful.

People’s words and actions can affect, who you are or who you are becoming. But you must not let this effect you. Yes, it is easier said than done, especially when it comes from people who you really love or who should really love you.

But I am here to tell you Ladies, God LOVES you and thinks HIGHLY of you. Who is one to judge and tell others they are not beautiful, both young and old, when God says you are wonderfully made.

Please don’t scar your beauty or allow anyone else to do so. Stand up for your worth, stand up for your integrity, walk with your head lifted up and say: I AM BEAUTIFUL.
For you truly are!

Written by Faith Dore


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