"Looking for love in all the wrong places..."

Originally Written on: 05/09/2012

There where times when I felt so low, so alone & so unworthy.
I would not even do the honours of looking in the mirror to tell myself this, but I was constantly thinking this whilst wondering will someone ever love me?

I would wish to be in a relationship, just to feel wanted, appreciated and loved, but each one either left me feeling ashamed or heart broken.

Times have flown past, and yes God calls, He reaches out to me. At this point, you can either say 'Yes Lord I'm listening', or turn away & ignore the call. Many times I turned away, but not this time. Enough was enough.

Ladies, there are so many of us, who hide behind the negative thoughts the longing to be loved that we miss the one true love from our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ.

When I wrote in my journals, about how much I wished to be in a relationship & be treated better or just to be happy, there was always a tug upon my heart to find it in Christ. But then it was almost like that was not enough or physically present. Oh how wrong I was.

Sleeping around, being emotionally attached to the wrong guy, putting all your trust & love you have been blessed with to give someone who only cares for a moment. Not only de-values you, but strips you away from your 'true' worth & purity.

Fear then creeps in. You ask yourself wither you can love again, whether anyone will ever love you? Are you good enough & it goes on & on, you condemn yourself.

The great news is that we are told in (1 John 4:18) That 'prefect loves cast out fear'.
We are also told we are Loved; unconditional (Romans 5:8 and Romans 8:37-39) we are showed how precious we are in the sight of the Lord.
We are welcomed with Forgive, more love and amazing Grace.

Ladies, Sisters, listen up. Our worth is not in us but really in Christ, therefore you become so valuable. Your past, my past had been turned over completely to God (and if you haven't done so already, please do). He has cleansed us from all our impurities, hurts, pains and shames & wants us to fall in love with Him.
Have I completely made it & got my head 110% around my true worth. No not yet, but believe you me, I believe God is helping me work it all out, bit by bit.

I no longer need to search for love in a relationship that has no meaning, in a guy who has no care, in a friend who has no encouragement or in a parent/s that have no time. No, I search for love in the bestest place ever.... My Saviours arms. For I know I am completely secure, cared for and truly loved. For there is no other place I'd rather be but safe in His precious arms.

His arms are not just for me; neither is His love & saving Grace. It's also for YOU too.
So begin to love again, but love the Right one, the one named Abba Father, the one who calls you His daughter. The one who calls you beautiful.

I love the King & the King loves me. You Are Beautiful!

Written By Faith Dore


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