"Be the ONE to say Thank You"

Luke 17:11-19

If you read the verses from above you will be taken back to a well-known story of the ten men who had leprosy...
To give you a quick summary, ten men had a leprosy decease, which was very deadly, and made them all isolated from the rest of others. Jesus came alone and didn’t see separation, but love and had the willingness to heal them. All ten where healed but only one realised this and returned back to Jesus, fell at His feet and said ‘Thank You’.

When I hear and read this story I really feel one of the strong points about this passage was not only the main fact that Jesus can heal us of our sickness, but most of all the gratitude the one man of the ten expressed in verse 15 -16 and this is what he said and done..."One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice. He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him..."

You see, the thing is, I believe God is showing us this about our selves (Character, Attitude, body: inside and out) too.

Let me ask you a question: How many times do you look at yourself and realise how God truly created you and then say, I don't like this and that about me...
But on the flip side, how many times do you say: ‘Thank you God for just making me, Thank you for my eyes, lips, hair, the way I smile, laugh and how you have made me beautiful’?

See, we can get so caught up in whom we try to be, that we forget whom we actually are.
Being thankful doesn't & shouldn’t make you think that you are better than anyone. But it should humble you to be grateful for how and who God created you to be.
It’s almost like giving a special tribute to God and stating, all He made in and outside of you was totally AWESOME.

How about we start today? Why not look at yourself and make a list or speak out all that you are grateful for about yourself. Get rid of the nasty things people have said about you and embrace the great things you are.

Who knows, as much as you are wanting to look a certain way like others, others might be looking at you appreciating your style, your character, your hair, eyes and beauty.

Don't sale yourself short from the beautiful person God has created you to be already. Be thankful and smile with it.

Keep being Beautiful.


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