"The shining star"

As I laid in my bed with the curtains opened I looked up to see a star. It was smiling down on me with its glittering lights, winking saying hello.

As I re-angled myself in my bed, I realised it started to disappear, where did my glittering friend just go? Moving back only to see it was still there.

Then a thought came to mind….. Just as we see the star, so you see God ever present looking down and smiling on you.
And even though you may turn away from Him or go into places that may seem so dark, He is still there.

Meaning, God is everywhere even if you can't see Him.

Oh what great joy to know & see God taking the time to teach us such a great lesson in the midst of creation. For when I looked up again the star was now gone. Lesson well learnt.

Remember in the small or big things God is ever so present. It's just us who need to take the time out to look upon it and stand still to embrace all that He has to teach, express or just show us. And when we do. We will be blessed.

Thank you Lord for your ever presence.


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